We execute professional geological control with various types of builds, implementation of earth and geotechnical works.


When you will be deciding to construct a new build, legalisation, reconstruction or demolition of a structure, you will require the following to get a water consent

  • Geological-geomechanical report or
  • Geological opinion or
  • Erosion study

with an emphasis on erosion and the conditions of sinking.

Our advantage is, that we set the conditions of sinking already in the field with the help of a device Mini Disk (Decagon©).

With good detailed knowledge and long lasting experience with restoration and rebuilding of various types of landslides (article) we will help you solve the problem. On the basis of field research, we will produce a geological-geotechnical report with a recommendation of restoration/geological-geotechnical report with the recommendation of restoration and an inventory of needed works.

Also in cases of structures sinking into the ground, leaking basement and flooding, we will know how to professionally advise you and on the basis of research produce a geological-geotechnical/geological-gemechanichal study.

In the field of landslides besides our field knowledge we also have expert computer skills on the basis of which we can: produce structural maps, model various terrains, produce a map of inclines and stability analyses.


Landslides are one of the most common natural disasters in Slovenia and the rest of the world and not enough attention is being paid to this problem. In Slovenia we are faced with various types of landslides, mostly earth flow slides, creep slides, debris flow slides etc. every year. They cause a lot of economic damage and effect many people. We cannot predict landslides however we can prevent their emergence with preventive measures, good terrain research, establishing causes of their emergence and with suitable mechanisms at construction or other earthworks. The main cause of landslide emergence is in most cases the back water pressure which oozes from the slope after heavy rainfall. The landslide emerges extremely quickly. The initial slide/slip of the earth ends in a few hours while the study of landslides and establishing restoration measures is more complex and takes much longer. It is important that in the initial phase a detailed engineering-geological mapping is done. On the basis of a good engineering-geological map a network of examinations/tests is set which serves as a basis for the production of a geomechanic model. We have to approach each earthworks professionally because every unprofessional intervention or a large number of them can cause various forms of landslides which in turn cause enormous damage and sometimes even human casualties. To avoid the emergence of landslides and for a greater awareness of people about their emergence and consequences, let each building intervention be supervised by an expert or professional! (Božiček, 2015).

Slika. Simulacija modela - zemeljski plaz na kmetijskem zemljišču (vinograd) (Božiček, 2015).


In the case of archaeological research for the needs of archaeologists or investors, we offer geological support, which means that we produce geological-archaeological reports and studies. They include sedimentological, stratigraphic, petrological and pedological research. If needed, we also offer geochemical and geophysical analyses.

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