Good geomechanical and geotechnical research = less problems with construction of various structures!

Geomechanics and Geotechnics

We are active in construction of various new builds and landslide restorations. We have knowledge in areas of basic geomechanical research, field measurements of all kinds, production of basic and specialised geomechanical reports and studies where we ha 10 years of experience. With our knowledge we can offer you:

  1. Production of geological-geomechanical, hydrogeological and geotechnical studies for high and low structures,
  2. Production of reports and studies for various structures to acquire a building permit (PGD)
  3. Projects for securing construction pits
  4. Geotechnical analyses,
  5. Stability analyses,
  6. Analyses of sinking for various structures,
  7. Analyses of ground load weight,
  8. Analyses of building pit drainage,
  9. Geological-geotechnical reports to acquire a building permit for demanding, less demanding, undemanding and simple structures,
  10. Production of geotechnical studies,
  11. Planning of geotechnical constructions (supporting and retaining walls, stone stacks, pilot walls, construction pits etc.)

Field measurements and services on offer:

  • Measurements with dynamic and static board (CBR) for road construction.
  • Measurements with dynamic board.
  • Measurements with dynamic penetrometer (DP).
  • Measurements with a pocket penetrometer.
  • Measurements with a wing probe.
  • Measurements with a handheld penetrometer up to 5 meters.
  • Measurements of groundwater levels.
  • Expert monitoring before, during and after the construction of various structures with the installation of wall levelling bolts.
  • Geotechnical measurements, geological and geomechanical monitoring during construction of projects.
  • Geomechanical control/supervision.
  • Geomechanical drilling.


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