In the field of hydrogeology, we are very active therefore we will be able to help you with various hydrogeological problems through our experience. We are active in basic and specialised hydrogeological research and studies. This means that we offer all types of field measurements and production of basic and specialised hydrogeological reports and studies. From the field measurements we execute the measuring of soil permeability for simple and demanding structures to set the conditions of sinking. For a more detailed determination of these conditions we prepare a hydrological calculation. Besides that, we also execute drilling and pouring tests and offer hydrogeological monitoring with the execution of various drill holes/wells.

The acquisition of a water permit for: your own water supply, irrigation of farm surfaces, direct use of water to acquire heat (when it is not a thermal aquifer), for removal of water from a public water distribution system and other special requirements (ponds, fishing, sport fishing, making snow on ski slopes, etc.), in the case of shallow drill holes (up to 30 metres) we produce: hydrogeological report/study, we perform an infield drill test and produce the technical basis/foundation to execute the drill hole/well.

In the case of deeper drill holes/wells (>50 metres), we produce the hydrogeological report as well as the mining project with technical basis/foundations.

If the area, where you want to use the water, lies in a water protection zone, we produce, depending on the legislation with the help of mathematic modelling, a risk analysis for pollution of the body of water.

Hydrogeological drilling


If you want an economical and simple heating system, we recommend from an energy standpoint the water-water system. The system is not suitable for every area, that is why we are the ones, who can advise you whether or not the area where your structure is located is suitable for using the water-water system. In case your structure is located at a suitable location the procedure to execute the water-water system is as follows:

esides drilling we can recommend heat pumps and submersible pumps. We do this on the basis of a field inspection and an examination of the PZI documents of the planned structure. Besides the heat pump or submersible pump, we execute all external machine installations to the planned structure, the system startup and transfer of use. Do not forget: through the ECO FUND lahko pridobite nepovratna sredstva za toplotne črpalke.


Would you like to start with food production or you already are a food producer and you are unaware of how to additionally irrigate you farm surfaces? Then we are the right people for the job. First we will verify your location if you are entitled in accordance with the Zakonu o Vodah then we will check the location from a hydrological viewpoint. We will assess if the water is even present in the area. Setting the depth and presence of groundwater will be established only with the help of a research drill hole/well. Let us begin:


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