People are faced with many problems concerning surface water and groundwater and we take those problems very seriously. We are aware that water is a part of our everyday life and that the point is not only to guide it away but also to learn how to live with water.

To solve the problem of floods and help with the construction of structures in flood areas, we produce:

  • Hydrologic – hydraulic studies/hydrology – hydraulic estimations of flood waters (on the basis of hydrologic and hydraulic characteristics of natural watercourses we set the area flood threat);
  • Preparation of hydrologic – hydraulic studies with use of information technology (GIS, LiDAR),
  • Various hydrologic and hydrogeological studies, gaccording to the needs of the investor;
  • Hydrologic model (rainfall – drainage), depending on the needs of the client/subscriber;
  • Calculating the ecologically acceptable flow (Qes), ), according to the needs of the client/subscriber.

For acquiring water permits in the case is using waters from watercourses (own supply, irrigation, energy), we offer the following from the field of hydrometry:

  • Execution of measurements of flow according to ISO standards in open aquifers and canals with smooth surfaces;
  • Telemetric collection and transfer of data of hydrologic watercourse monitoring, standing water and groundwater (piezometers);
  • Planning and production of structures for technically ensuring the ecologically acceptable flow (Qes);
  • Execution of hydrometric structuressuch as measuring thresholds, sinks, shutters and straits/channels;
  • Production of bathymetry of the bottom of watercourses and lakes, transverse and longitudinal profiles of river beds.

When using water from watercourses we also help you prepare all the documentation needed to acquire
a water permit and water consent.

Hydrogeological drilling


If you want an economical and simple heating system, we recommend from an energy standpoint the water-water system. The system is not suitable for every area, that is why we are the ones, who can advise you whether or not the area where your structure is located is suitable for using the water-water system. In case your structure is located at a suitable location the procedure to execute the water-water system is as follows:


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