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We offer all types of field measurement services, production of basic and specialised reports and studies.


On the basis of hydrological and hydraulic characteristics of natural watercourses, we set the flood hazard of the area.


We professionally inspect and map/chart the terrain, we execute the technical geological control/supervision of various types of constructions or the execution of earthworks and geotechnical works.


We perform geological – geomechanic controls we produce geological – geomechanic and geotechnical studies for structures of high and low construction.


We produce geological – geomechanic reports for acquiring building permits for demanding, less demanding, undemanding or simple structures.


In the field of hydro geologic monitoring we execute the planning of the monitoring of underground waters in accordance with the legal requirements of the Slovenian Water Act (Zakon o Vodah ZV -1).

We comply with your wishes and at the same time we preserve the environment.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Odgovarjamo vam na nekatera najpogosteje zastavljena vprašanja za lažji dostop do želenih informacij.

An erosion study is a geological or geomechanical report, which contains the geological makeup of the ground, where you will build, and the measures for eliminating the erosion in the time period of your construction. The study must be filed in the application for a water consent, if the area of the intended construction is located in an erosive area.
A geological - geomechanical report is a study which contains the geomechanical composition and the carrying capacity of the ground. The geomechanical report is produced by an engineer of geology or a geomechanic, who in the field, in an excavation test pit, on the basis of inventory taking and geomechanical measurements, estimates the depth which is intended for the carrying capacity of the foundation ground. Besides the carrying capacity the engineer also carries out a test of soil permeability in case a storm water runoff is provided for, as part of the structure. On the basis of geological and geomechanical data the project leader of the construction can set a suitable foundation construction plan, according to the planned load weight of the structure.
The geological-geomechanical report is not absolutely necessary. It is however recommended for the decision of the project leader of the construction. It is important that the foundations are properly researched and that the manner of foundation works is suitably planned because after the construction of the structure is completed the rebuilding of foundation is substantially harder and much more expensive.
It is an excavation that is done by an excavator/digger operator to facilitate the geological-gemechanical research. The depth of the excavation is dependent on the geological composition of the ground and the planned foundation depth of the structure. It is vital that the excavation is made to the depth where the suitable layer for the foundation works is located.
A Hydrogeological report is produced by a hydrogeologist. To produce such a report an excavation test dig must be executed in the area of the planned sinking/drainage pit for the water. There a test for water sinking/drainage is done. On the basis of the test for sinking the soil permeability is set and the size of the sinking/drainage pit is dimensioned.
First the area where you want to execute the drilling well has to be checked because you cannot simply choose anywhere you like. It needs to be verified if the area is in a water protection zone and if it is, in which water protection zone. In case the area is part of a water protection zone it needs to be verified in accordance with the Slovenian Water Act what is allowed in the given area. If the execution of a drilling well is allowed and your area is in a water protection zone you will need the following: A permit for investigating underground water and a water consent. After acquiring the above mentioned documents a drilling well can be executed with the necessary hydrogeological surveys. Then the water permit is next for which (alongside the other documents) a hydrogeological report with the data of the drill test, done by a hydrogeologist, must be filed. For water permits please look in the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

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poplava na Barju

Arteska water September 2010 Floods at Barje (Ljubljana moors, Slovenia)

Geomehanski nadzor izgradnje podpornega zidu Radeče 2014

Geomechanical monitoring of the construction of a retaining/support wall in Radeče 2014, Slovenia

Meritve Pretoka S Prelivnim Objektom

Flow measurements with spill-over structure



Geomehanski Nadzor Izgranja Bazena Običina Ljubljana

Geomechanical monitoring – pool construction (Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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Silica/Quartz geode

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